Evaluation, Speech Evaluation, Public Speaking in YorkshireWe refer to evaluation as the ‘powerhouse’ of Toastmasters, and we evaluate almost everything we do.

We know that presenting a speech and receiving lots of praise is really important, but it’s the feedback that really hones in on what was successful (and what wasn’t) that we can really learn from.

Each of our prepared speeches is based around a set of objectives. Evaluation focuses on how well those have been achieved, as well as looking at other opportunities for improvement.

We also evaluate other parts of the meeting, including all of the impromptu speeches and the education slot.

There are also roles focusing on very particular aspects of delivering speeches; grammar, word-use, timekeeping and hesitations are all evaluated throughout each meeting by someone assigned to focus on that area.

Although the feedback and evaluation is focused on helping the speaker, there are also benefits for everyone in the group.  We’re all learning all of the time, and anything that helps us to improve is really useful.

Evaluation roles are taken on by fellow members.  There’s a great sense of us all being in it together and wanting to help each other develop, and all of the feedback is given constructively.

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