Public Speaking, Toastmasters, DoncasterWe all know that speaking in public is a huge fear for many of us.

Imagine having a place where you could start by conquering that fear and work towards giving engaging, entertaining, inspirational speeches.

Speaking is at the core of everything we do at Doncaster Speakers. Most members will have a chance to speak at most of our meetings.

At each meeting, we have

– Between two and four prepared speeches. These vary from four to ten minutes (and occasionally longer), depending on where the speaker’s up to in their Toastmasters journey.

– Short, fast, unprepared speeches of between one and two minutes. We call these ‘Table Topics’, and there’s usually chance for everyone who wants to to have a go. This part of the meeting is great practice for those occasions where we’re put on the spot in business or social settings.

– An education piece. This is usually given by a member who’s taken the time to research one particular aspect of Toastmasters – either something to educate individuals and offer tips for making better contributions, or a piece to educate the group as a whole and encourage everyone to move forward together.

There are also a range of evaluation roles, each involving presenting spoken feedback.

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