Behind The Mask!

General Evaluator’s Report                            Doncaster Speakers 28th October 2019   Behind the Mask With Halloween a matter of days away our Toastmaster for the evening, Bridget Pearson, picked up on this theme but took it in a different direction.  Referencing a personality profiling test she’d taken recently, she explained how many of us wear masksContinue reading “Behind The Mask!”

Doncaster Member wins Northern District Toastmasters Competition

Division N Toastmasters Competitions Well done to our very own fellow member JON. Firstly he came first in Club Table Topics and Humorous speech competitions then at Area (against 3 clubs clubs) level he again won – and on the 26th October 2019 he represented our Area at Division level. The Division competition was heldContinue reading “Doncaster Member wins Northern District Toastmasters Competition”

Maybe word of the day but this meeting was not a Guddle!

Doncaster Speakers Meeting Review Date:- 22/07/2019 Venue:- Regent Hotel, Doncaster Meeting Theme:- Insanely Great Word Of The Day:- Guddle With a powerful bang of the gavel Sergeant at Arms Mwada brought the meeting to order and then followed with the housekeeping rules before handing over to the Toastmaster for the evening Bal. Bal introduced herContinue reading “Maybe word of the day but this meeting was not a Guddle!”