Club Member Comes 2nd In Britain & Ireland Final

Congratulations to Doncaster Speakers club member Jon Carvell who came second in the District 71 Table Topics competition.

The District 71 finals puts the best of all the Toastmaster clubs in Britain and Ireland together. Before this there there was club level, area level and semi final level to negotiate.

Also well done to Jordan at Sheffield speakers who made it through to the finals of the Evaluation competition but unfortunately did not finish in the top three.

If you would like to improve your speaking and enter a competition join us at one of our club nights on the 2nd and 4th Monday of the month, currently online via Zoom and back at the Regent Hotel Doncaster once lockdown ends.

email to book your place.

Milestones Old & New

This month saw two of our members, Bridget and Elizabeth complete their Toastmasters training manuals.

The difference was Bridget who is a long standing member has been working on the paper Competent Communicator manual which is being phased out in June whilst Elizabeth a fairly new member has been doing speeches out of the new online Pathways manual.

So due to the time scales Bridget is the last member to be able to complete the old manual before the deadline and Elizabeth gets the accolade of being the first member to complete a Pathway.

If you would like to know more about Pathways visit the Toastmasters website

To join one of our meetings as a guest to see how a Toastmasters meeting working email

First Online Meeting Held

Video of pictures from our first ever online meeting yesterday 23 March 2020.

As the meeting started we were in recommended lock-down and by the end of the evening we were in actual lock-down so it was a good choice to try out the first ever online meeting at Doncaster Speakers.

Below are some pictures from the meeting.

If you would like to join us please contact us on one of the following platforms:-

Competition Night

Thank you to our contest Chair Stephanie and Chief Judge Steve, who organised and ran our Club Competition on Monday 9th March 2020. 

For those who could not attend, the results were:

Speech Winners
1st       Andrew 
2nd      Elizabeth
3rd       Bal     


Evaluation Winners
1st       Andrew Miller
2nd       Maria Orlovic
3rd       Elizabeth Mead

The 1st & 2nd place winners of each contest are competing at Saturday’s Area contests, being hosted by Doncaster Speakers at The Regent Hotel (1pm start, please arrive earlier)

Big Stage Experience

What a great night for Doncaster Speakers. We held our first Big Stage event at Hall Cross School in Doncaster. We all spoke on the big stage with a microphone, this was a great space for us to practice our public speaking in a bigger space.

The evening started with a confident welcoming from Elizabeth has Sergeant at Arms and  our Toastmaster for the evening was Andy. Both were professional and informative, the evening started off with a strong start.

Sharron was Timekeeper for the evening. Sharron was clear on what she expected from us and kept the evening running along smoothly and on time. Stephanie was Grammarian for the evening, this is always a treat for us as Stephanie loves this role and her passion for it always shines through. Susie was the Ah Counter, she told us how much she enjoyed this role and how it has been really helping her with her listening skills especially in her work environment.


Our first speaker of the evening was Bal with a speech entitled The Magic of Thinking BIG. Bal is new to our club but has shown already that she is a great public speaker and her enthusiasm for her topics always uplifts our evenings in a positive way. Steven was her evaluator and gave us a funny but clear evaluation for Bal’s speech at the end.


Our second speaker was Elizabeth with a speech entitled The Great Social Media Review. This year Elizabeth holds the VP for Education role and already has had a massive impact on the club in this role. She is now starting a project to support and help our Social Media with the support of  VP PR Steven, together I believe they will do great things to help promote our club.  Stephanie was her evaluator and gave us a competition standard evaluation. We are lucky to have such talent at Doncaster Speakers.

Our last speaker was Maria with a speech entitled Don’t Give Me Pearls. Maria has really come into her own style of speaking in the last few speeches she has given and her journey through Toastmasters has been great to watch. She holds the stage and the audience very well with her drama skills and confident delivery. Jean was her evaluator and really commended Maria’s performance and her journey she has been on at Toastmaster, it was a very heartfelt and personal evaluation.

The second half of the evening was filled with evaluations, Table Topics and Toastimonials. Bridge was Table Topics Master and what a brilliant session, Bridget always manages to make us all feel relaxed and entertains in whatever role she performs. Arthur evaluated our TableTopics session and spoke to all speakers in such a positive way.

We had Toastimonials from Steven and Bridget about their journey with Toastmasters. What a great way to show guest the impact Toastmasters can have on their professional and personal development.


The evening was evaluated by Lianna giving the General Evaluator report.


The award winners for best in category were:


Elizabeth for Best Speaker

Lianna for Best Table Topics

Stephanie for Best Evaluator

Behind The Mask!

General Evaluator’s Report                            Doncaster Speakers 28th October 2019


Behind the Mask


With Halloween a matter of days away our Toastmaster for the evening, Bridget Pearson, picked up on this theme but took it in a different direction.  Referencing a personality profiling test she’d taken recently, she explained how many of us wear masks as we go about life and hide who we truly are.


Everyone that came up to the front was encouraged to share something about themselves that they might not normally reveal and Bridget had even provided us with a cut out mask that we could use for protection, if we so wished.


Linking in with this theme was the Word of the Day – Obscure – set by our Grammarian, Stephanie Bisby.  Stephanie had stepped in at the last minute to take on this role and she took a moment to drop her mask to admit that there had been a fair amount of chaos behind the scenes whilst she tried to get prepared for it.


Onto the speakers and one of our newest members, Maureen Sydney gave us her Ice Breaker speech, revealing how an early childhood trauma (a neighbour didn’t laugh at her joke!!) left her convinced that she wasn’t funny.  Experience, however, has taught her that beliefs are there to be challenged and that is why she has selected Engaging Humour as her Pathway through Toastmasters.  A very accomplished speech with great movement around the stage – and plenty of natural humour throughout – so belief well and truly shattered there.


Next up was Sharon Whitehouse with her second speech from Pathways.  The intention of this speech is to put it out there, get some feedback and then incorporate that feedback into the next speech – very possibly the same one.  Sharon shared her personal story of getting freaked out whilst swimming when she thought she saw a shark coming towards her – even though she was in a lake with no sharks in it.  Committed to overcoming her fears she worked on herself until she was able to go swimming in open water, getting up close and person with genuine sharks.  Some great descriptive language all the way through and it will be fascinating to see how this speech develops.


Speech 3 came from Bal Purewal, now on her fourth speech from Presentation Mastery and her theme was all about the magic of thinking BIG.  To change our situation we need to change our actions. To change our actions we need to change our thoughts.  Bal is such an energetic, engaging speaker with a very accomplished grasp of the English language, her speeches are always entertaining.


Finally we had Stephanie Bisby, who hasn’t been around for a while due to work commitments and certainly hasn’t done a prepared speech at club for almost two years.  However, it didn’t show with a truly spooky campfire style story called the Face at the Window.  Well told, beautifully crafted and based on a personal experience, whilst there was a lot of quality on show tonight, no-one will begrudge the fact that Stephanie won the Best Speaker ribbon.


After a well earned break we had our evaluators giving their reports on the speeches we’d just heard.  Lianna Cairns, Susie Marsh, Elizabeth Mead and Steven Bisby reported back respectively.


A double success at the Bisby household as Steven walked off with the Best Evaluator ribbon.  Sounds like some sort of conspiracy to me 😉


We then got to the blood rush that is Table Topics ably hosted for the first time by Sundip Murwaha.  Simple, straightforward questions which gave people plenty of places to go and yet, at the same time, can be quite fiendish, such as “If you had a flying carpet, where would you go?” really got people thinking.


The winner of Best Table Topic was Bal Purewal who answered the question “If you had a time machine, what would you do?” by going back in time by half an hour and re-doing her speech.  Loud, energetic and funny it certainly stood out, although the quality was good across the board.


As VP of Education, Elizabeth Mead took on the awards ceremony in the absence of our President. As well as handing out the winning ribbons referred to above and the Ice Breaker ribbon for Maureen, she was also able to announce Jon Carvell’s excellent performance at the Division Contest on Saturday (winner of Table Topics and runner up in the Humorous Speech) and was able to hand over the President’s Distinguished Club award to last year’s President, Andy Howell for achieving the best possible result for the club.


Steeped in quality and fun it was another great meeting.  We meet again on 11th November.  Get there for 6.45pm, ready for a 7pm start and I’m sure that, bearing mind the date, it will be a meeting to remember.

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