Doncaster Speakers Meeting Report | 29th May 2014

General Evaluator’s Report | 19th May 2014 “Lessons Learnt the Hard Way” So. What did Monday night bring us this time by way of Toastmastery delights? Hot on the heels of the previous meeting due to the Bank Holidays in May, it was great to see so many people there, as well as a returningContinue reading “Doncaster Speakers Meeting Report | 29th May 2014”

Doncaster Speakers Meeting Report | 12th May 2014

General Evaluator’s Report | 12th May 2014 “Energy and Performance” Report by Shelagh Jones President Gail Powell was Toastmaster for the meeting and she set the tone for the evening with the powerful theme “Energy and Performance” From the moment she introduced the theme the room was abuzz with energy and stayed there right throughoutContinue reading “Doncaster Speakers Meeting Report | 12th May 2014”

Doncaster Speakers Meeting Report | 28th April 2014

General Evaluator’s Report | 28th April 2014 “Velcro” A ripping good evening on Monday evening with a mix of old, new and recycled. As Toastmaster for the evening, Alison Kitchman led from the front, creating a high energy and enjoyable atmosphere from the start. Throw into the mix a wonderful piece of creativity and theContinue reading “Doncaster Speakers Meeting Report | 28th April 2014”

Doncaster Speakers Meeting Report | 10th March 2014

General Evaluator’s Report | Doncaster Speakers “The Here and Now” Tonight’s meeting was another great one and a perfect example of how club members in a Toastmasters International club pull together to make a successful evening happen.  Although we were lower on numbers than at the last few meetings, only one person took two rolesContinue reading “Doncaster Speakers Meeting Report | 10th March 2014”

Speak well and sell the sizzle | Alison Kitchman

Read Alison Kitchman’s views about Doncaster Speakers Feel inspired?  You can do it, too! Join us (see details below) I’ve joined Toastmasters and “I’m lovin’ it!”. Inspiring, energising, motivating. … It worked for Alison, and it can certainly work for you. Evaluation and feedback is given throughout the meeting by way of commendations and recommendations,Continue reading “Speak well and sell the sizzle | Alison Kitchman”

Meeting Report – 9th January 2012

Shelagh Jones reports on the first meeting of 2012 with the very appropriate theme of Resolutions Fred Roberts as Sergeant at Arms manned the table at the door so dutifully she nearly missed getting a drink before we started! She opened the meeting on time and introduced the Toastmaster for the evening Karen Trem. KarenContinue reading “Meeting Report – 9th January 2012”