Meeting Report 14th May 2012 – Michael J Clarke

I personally had a great time on Monday night at Doncaster Speakers. I was tired after an eventful few days in Wexford at the District 71 Conference.

The meeting was started on time by our Sergeant at Arms Karen Venables .

Shelagh Jones, the club President, was Toastmaster for the evening. She welcomed our returning guest, Alison Straw, and all the members.

Shelagh had a theme for the evening of ‘Building Bricks’ and used it to explain how the building bricks for any club was its members and the roles at a meeting were the bricks to make a successful meeting.

Shelagh explained what Toastmasters is, its worldwide size and the structure of the organisation in the GB and Ireland. Those of the committee who were there were introduced and the clapping and handshakes were explained.

Shelagh then introduced members who were helping her with the meeting.

The first was our replacement Timekeeper Karen Venables . She was standing in for Yvonne McGowan, one of three members giving apologies due to illness – the others being Lisa Johnson and Liz Tarleton. Karen explained the importance of keeping to time and explained the green, yellow and red cards.

Next was Paul Hart undertaking the role of the Ah counter for the first time. His explanation of the role was first class and his feedback later in the meeting very good.

Finally, at this stage, our Grammarian Karen Trem set out her role of looking for good grammar and wordsmithery and introduced the Word of the Day – Austerity. The word was used amazingly well through the meeting and Karen did an excellent feedback of our grammar later in the meeting.

We had four formal speeches ranging from a Speech 1 Icebreaker to a Speech 7 Researching Your Topic.

First was Jamie Godfrey with his Speech 7 Researching Your Topic entitled ‘The ABC of MMR’. Jamie set out the history of the MMR vaccination and its troubled past. Some excellent research that really made you think.

Next was Richard Bluck with his Speech 1 Icebreaker entitled ‘You know what engineers are like…’. He entertained us with a description of the personality traits of different types of engineers. Highly amusing and well delivered.

Third was Mark Powel with his Speech 2 Organise Your Speech entitled ‘I predict a riot’. Mark told us all about how he became involved in the 2001 Bradford riots as a police officer. Again well delivered and built the tension well.

Finally we heard from Derek Badger with his Speech 3 Get to the Point entitled ‘It’s all about perspective’. The speech did exactly what it said on the tin!

Best Speaker was Jamie Godfrey – well done.

Due to so many speeches we dispensed with the Education session for this meeting and so we then went into the break.

After the break, Karen Trem reminded us of the Word of the Day.

Next the Toastmaster introduce me as General Evaluator to introduce the Evaluators.

Our four evaluators were Derek Lucian (sometimes known as David by me!!), Fred Roberts (stepping in for Lisa), Karen Trem and Gail Powell.

The evaluations were all delivered in different styles depending on the person. However what they all did have in common was examples of what went well and what needed improving. There was some issues with two of the evaluations going over time and I gave some tips to sort this out when evaluating them later.

Next was Table Topics with Jamie Godfrey stepping into Liz Tarleton shoes using her topics as if they were his own. The overall theme involved asking members to say how they would plan for different holidays.

We had varied subjects that included the revelation that lions aren’t kings of the jungle because they are beige and live on the savannah! Thanks for that Mark.

Best Table Topics Speaker was Mark Powell – well done.

I introduced Fred Roberts who took Lisa Johnson ’s role as Table Topics Evaluator and did an excellent job in quite a short amount of time. Fred gave great feedback to all using examples where possible.

After the Ah counter and Grammarian feedback which I mentioned earlier we voted for the Best Evaluator and that was Fred Roberts for her TT Evaluation.

I then gave my short evaluation of the whole meeting which I thought was very well run and highly entertaining.
I handed back to Shelagh Jones as Toastmaster who had a quick Q and A session. I mentioned Leeds City Toastmasters 10th Anniversary Dinner, and Hull Speakers request for anyone to come and support them every second and fourth Tuesday evening. I also gave a quick update on the District Reformation vote at Wexford.

Mention was also made of the Summer BBQ on Sunday 8th July at the Clarke/Caldicott abode near Howden.

Shelagh changed roles to be club President again. She conducted the election of officers for next year. This was fairly simple due to all being unopposed; however she expressed her pleasure at there being a full committee and extra places taken.

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