Doncaster Speakers Meeting Report | Monday 18th August 2014

Say It With a Quote

quote What a masterful topic we had this week from Richard Bluck our Toastmaster. ‘Say it with a quote’ and what was ingenious was the way Richard managed to weave this into many of his  introductions as he effortlessly guided us through the evening’s Agenda. I always feel more relaxed when Richard is at the helm, largely due to his calm delivery and attention to detail –  well done Richard.

The meeting was started on time from our very able Sgt at Arms for the evening Sean Gordon. Our Time Keeper Jean Stewart brought her usual inimitable style to the role as she explained  the importance of keeping time. Our ‘Ah Counter’ for the evening was Derek Lucian who used an excellent way of feeding back on all our ‘ums’ and ‘ahs’ for the evening by using charts. He  kept his delivery specific to the people who had overdone their crutch words and noises and in his introduction gave everyone a tip on how to avoid using so many ums and ahs – the  answer to use more gestures!  He had taken this idea from this month’s Toastmaster magazine so get reading everyone as there are lots of great tips and tools to be find in your free  monthly mag.

Our President Andrew Miller was Grammarian for the evening and the word of the day was UTTER or UTTERANCE.  Andrew’s ability to use excellent language himself held now bounds and  he talked about ‘an almighty avalanche of alliteration’ – see what he did there J He observed well and gave out some great recommendations.

We only had one speech this evening, but it was indeed a ‘good un’ – Jean practised her competition speech ‘Hooray, Getting Older’, for the upcoming humorous speech competition. What a great idea as she received plenty of feedback and said it really helped. Of course she was fabulous and we look forward to her entry on Monday 8th September.

Shelagh Jones, our VP of Education, delivered our first in the series of ‘Moments of Truth’ education slots. As always the preparation was excellent and Shelagh even managed to stay in time despite getting lots of feedback from the audience. Interesting and well led Shelagh as always. Shelagh also had a dual role as Table Topics master where she truly rose to the occasion using quotations to help lead us all through some really great topics.

Last, but by no means least, Jamie Godfrey had two roles and both as evaluators. First of all Jamie evaluate Jean’s speech and used the ballot sheet for the competition in which to judge is feedback. Jamie used no notes to give his feedback, which in itself is an exceptional art to be able to do this and remember all the detail, but as a seasoned and competition winning evaluator Jamie breezed through an informative and commanding delivery. He used the juxtaposition of comparing Jean to Helen Mirren on the one hand and Norah Batty on the other – a great visualisation to point out her strengths and weaknesses. It is not surprising that Jamie won Best Evaluator for his role.

Jamie also effortlessly took us through all the evaluations for Table Topics as well. He began with evaluating Jean as the TT Master and how she described the role very well. She also used a clipboard which saved messing with the lectern which can get moved around quite a bit with this part of the evening. Jamie was humorous in his delivery with great observations – his delivery was a perfect marriage of observations and stagecraft – commends and recommends. Well done Jamie it’s great to have you back in the fold after a short absence, we have missed your energy and excellence.

All in all it was, as usual, a great meeting with several new guests and members attending helping to start the journey of growing the club this year in line with Andrew’s vision for Doncaster Toastmasters 2014/2015.

We hope to see you all at the next meeting which is the Humorous Speech Contest if only to come and watch and support and have a really good laugh.

General Evaluator – Gail Powell



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