Doncaster Speakers Meeting Report | Monday 27th October 2014

Doncaster Speakers | Halloween Themed Evening

General Evaluator’s Report | 27th October 2014 | By Trevor Hatib (visiting guest from Leeds City Toastmasters)


Doncaster Speakers | Halloween Themed Evening
Spooky Speakers! L-R: Jane Sharp, Bridget Pearson, Lisa Johnson, Karry Chadburn, Adrian Terrace

As a visiting Toastmaster (from Leeds City Toastmasters) I was asked to undertake the General Evaluator role at the meeting, which also gave me the privilege of writing this report.

To begin with, I thought that the Hallowe’en themed evening was great – well done to all those (not me unfortunately) who made the effort to wear very ghoulish costumes. Karry Chadburn as Sergeant at Arms led from the front with a superb witch’s costume and gore painted face – very impressive.  Lisa Johnson, equipped with obligatory witch’s hat, then took over as a very capable and confident Toastmaster for the evening.

We had four excellent speeches by Derek Lucien (“Just a Pair of Normal Cyslists”); Derek Badger (“Friend”), Trevor Hatib (“Keep off the Pavement”) and Andrew Miller (“IT”), which had us all scared at one moment and then roaring with laughter the next. Although Andrew won Best Speaker, they were all really good quality speeches.

After the break we had the evaluations of the speeches with Richard Bluck, Bridget Pearson, Shelagh Jones and Jamie Godfrey giving some great feedback to the speakers. Well done in particular to Bridget for undertaking an evaluation for the first time and doing such an impressive job.

Jamie then led a very entertaining session of table topics, with contestants being given a (sometimes) spooky object and having to pick up the story from the previous speaker. This can be challenging exercise but everyone, especially guests*, delivered some truly impressive impromptu speeches. Although Andrew won best TT speaker it must have been a very close call.

Richard, doubling up as Ah Counter, then gave us some great feedback on our use of crutch words before Derek Badger, doubling up as Grammarian, told us about our use of grammar and the word of the day (consternation).

Last, but by no means least, a special mention for Jane Sharp, who did a great job as Timekeeper.  Jane, like Karry has just joined the club, and it’s fantastic to see new members stepping out of their comfort zones and taking on roles – well done.

Thanks to Andrew, for inviting me, Lisa, for running the meeting, and to everyone else for making it such an entertaining evening. You should be proud of having such a wonderful, friendly club and I look forward to visiting again in the future.

Trevor Hatib

Visiting guest from Leeds City Toastmasters

* In addition to Trevor visiting from Leeds City Toastmasters, we had four other guests who were new to Toastmasters (Dawn McDonagh, Sally Holmes, Mel Oates, Adrian Terrace) and three of them took part in Table Topics!  Well done for taking the plunge 🙂

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