Doncaster Speakers Meeting Report | Monday June 12 2017

The Sergeant At Arms, Maria Orlovic, gave the participants a warning that the meeting was due to start in 2 minutes time.   The room was laid out and the signing in sheet was on the table at the entrance.

The meeting started on time at 7.00pm. Maria welcomed everyone and reminded them of the Toastmaster pledge, she then handed over the floor to the Toastmaster for the evening, Andy Howell.   His introduction to the evening included the information that there were hundreds of thousands of members worldwide and that this membership was growing.   The information provided by both Maria and Andy was especially useful as the participant on the evening included two visitors and a new member.

The theme of the day Andy had chosen was ‘Summertime’.  He then asked the Timekeeper, the Ah Counter and the Grammarian to come forward and explain their roles for the evening.

There was one speech on the evening, given by the Area Director, Pauline Westrop.   This was an Advanced speech entitled “The Roast”. In addition, the Evaluator for this was Shelagh Jones.

Shelagh introduced Pauline and outlined the criteria that needed to be covered in order for Pauline to successfully complete the speech, and the time frame in which this needed to be completed.

It was at this point that the Toastmaster, Andy Howell, delivered a short session on the Easy speak software that is available to members to record Club meetings and members progress.

Following this Maria announced a short interval to enable everyone to network and have a refreshing drink.   At the end of the interval Maria called the meeting back to order.

During the second half of the meeting the Table Topics Master, Josie Bowerman, called volunteers forward to present short a Table Topics.    Taking part was a combination of one of the visitors, some members and the new member.   Josie’s theme was book titles, and the speakers needed, without prior knowledge of these books, to describe what they thought these books were about.   This went extremely well and caused a great deal of amusement.

Alison Turner, as Table Topics Evaluator, provided evaluations on all the speakers and congratulated Table Topics Master on her choice of topic

The evening ended a 9.15pm with a short question and answer session, and then the President of the Club, Derek Lucian, thanked everyone for attending and informed them on future meetings and events.    He then handed out the Awards, which were:


Newcomer Award –    Pam Miller (visitor)

Best Speaker – Pauline Westrop

Best Evaluator (joint award):    Alison Turner and Shelagh Jones

Best Table Topic –  Pam Miller


Report by General Evaluator Jean Stewart.

The next meeting is on Monday June 26th. Visitors are most welcome to come!

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