Doncaster Speakers Meeting Report Monday June 24 2017

About 15 people made the fortnightly pilgrimage to the Regent Hotel for the latest Toastmasters meeting.

Sergeant at Arms Andrew Miller kick started the evening off with one swoop of the hammer and a pause and stare until people took their seats.  Toastmaster for the evening Arthur Fenn highlighted the theme of the meeting as ‘Freedom’ and linked it nicely to his introduction of what Toastmasters is and means to people.  Arthur’s team of helpers came up, Gerard Cahill – Time Keeper, Sarah Saxelby – Grammarian, and Deborah Kershaw – Ah Counter, each came up and explained what their role was and what they would be looking for and reporting on later in the evening.

Part 2, the prepared speeches, was next.   Speech 1 was by Lianna Cairns entitled ‘Viva Las Vegas’ telling the audience about where to find the best deals on ‘the strip’ and now the whole of the group want to know when the team trip to Vegas will be.  Speech 2 by Maria Orlovic explained how her many trips to Italy had not been a success until she worked out what was the best food to eat whilst out there.  Speech 3 was by Pauline Westrop who is working on the Advanced Manual and was doing an interpretive reading from a Charlie Chaplin film.  The Toastmaster thanked the speakers and announced the start of the interval which led to much tea and coffee drinking and informal chat.

The Sergeant at Arms brought the room back to order with another bang on the hammer.  Next up were the evaluations with Andy Howell giving feedback to Lianna, Jean Stewart appraising Maria and Stephanie Bisby giving her thoughts to Pauline.  Also there were good snippets of advice that the whole audience could take away with them.

Part 4 came with the bit most people call ‘the fun part’ as Bridget Pearson introduced Table Topics, this is where the speaker is given a question or statement and straight away without time to think has to do a 1 to 2 minute talk.  This sessions topics were based around various days out when the person felt as free as a bird!  Table Topics evaluator Shelagh Jones made sense of the ramblings by giving all the speakers food for thought on what they had done well and areas that could be improved.

The Ah Counter reported that people had not used many words they should not have used so it looks like the meetings are paying off.  The Grammarian’s report contained all the people who had managed to sneak the word of the day ‘Ameliorate’ in to their speech.  The last report was given by Steven Bisby the General Evaluator who evaluated the evaluators on their well done’s and must try harder bits.

Sarah Saxelby in her other role of VP Education handed out the ribbons for best speaker – Lianna Cairns, Best table topic speaker, a tie between Lianna Cairns and Andrew Miller and best evaluator to herself.

Different people in the roles but it all happens again on Monday 14th August 2017 at 7:00pm. Why not come and join us?

– Report by Steven Bisby, General Evaluator –

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