Doncaster Speakers Meeting Report Monday 10th June, 2019

Achieve your most audacious goals

Rat a tat tat went the gavel, the room drew quiet as Jean in the role of Sergeant At Arms got the meeting underway right on time.   With housekeeping instructions, clear and understood including “not to jump on the bus home” (in the case of a fire alarm), the lectern was passed over to the Toastmaster for the evening Bal.


Bal welcomed everyone to the meeting and gave us a brief introduction to herself and how much being part of the club had already made a difference to her personally.  This was a perfect segue to the introduction of the theme for the meeting that was ‘Achieve your most audacious goals’.


Arthur was the Timekeeper for the evening and reminded us all of the allocated timings for speeches and where we could find them on the agenda.  In his authentic style he finished off his segment with a fun fact that was ‘Time passes faster in your face than it does at your feet’.


Andrew was the grammarian and demonstrated the breadth and depth of his knowledge and experience by not only clearly explaining the role of the grammarian but also the choice of his words to describe what he would be looking out for including, richness, culture and embellish.  A true feast for those of us that have a passion for words.    Andrew skillfully connected his choice of the word of the day ‘Extraordinary’ to the overall meeting theme.


Elizabeth in the true spirit of Doncaster Speakers carried out two roles in one meeting, the first as Ah Counter in which she had clearly prepared for evidenced by the production of chart to capture any of the typical filler words.  Pauses were recommended to speakers to try and avoid getting added to the chart.


There were two prepared speeches for the meeting, the first from Maria entitled, To Be or Not To Be.  Maria gave us an overview of not only the difference between management and leadership but went on to explain her own personal style, complete with print outs that she skillfully attached to the lectern for us all to see.  The speech was delivered with energy and enthusiasm and although it did run over time it was both informative and entertaining.


Lianna, was the second speaker with her speech entitled, Have You Ever, she immediately grabbed everyone’s attention with her opening line, asking if they had every had a near death experience.  What followed was a wonderful story with a happy ending and many key messages and actions that we could all apply in our own lives.


Speech evaluations were carried out by Jean and Bridget.   Jean offered Maria suggestions as to how she could condense a detailed speech topic to ensure it fitted a time slot, feedback that we could all take on board


Bridget gave Lianna an excellent evaluation, reviewing the objectives of the speech clearly and contrasting previous feedback that Lianna had been given with her own feedback.  Quite a complex task delivered in true Bridget very easy style, clearly demonstrating that her priority was that Lianna received lots of commends and recommends supported by examples as to how she could apply the recommends.


The second role Elizabeth carried out was Table Topics Master, with her persuasive charm Elizabeth managed to encourage the majority of us to take to the floor with quite a challenging quest of first imagining ourselves as a famous actor and then what career we would have had if we had chosen something different.   The alternative careers ranged from fire eaters to sausages (yes sausages, anything goes and the more creative the better) and in-between we had a show jumper, complete with actual jumping after a quick trot and unsuspecting guest Ian laying down to act as the fence to give us the full effect.


Andy took on the role of Table Topics Evaluator and managed to give each person a clear commend and recommend demonstrating his abilities on how to evaluate the differing styles of speakers.  His quality of feedback was consistent to all speakers which takes exceptional listening, planning and time management skills, a job very well done.


Having all recovered from the joviality, the meeting moved on to the awards.  As his time as President comes towards the end of the term Andy once again presented the awards for the evening.  Jean was presented with a certificate for Select Distinguished Area, thus acknowledging goal attainment and dedication to the mission of the district.


The award winners were

Lianna for Best Speaker

Deborah (With help from Ian) for Best Table Topics

Sarah for Best Evaluator


Report by Sarah

(General Evaluator)

Published by Doncaster Speakers

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