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Maybe word of the day but this meeting was not a Guddle!

Doncaster Speakers Meeting Review
Date:- 22/07/2019
Venue:- Regent Hotel, Doncaster
Meeting Theme:- Insanely Great
Word Of The Day:- Guddle

With a powerful bang of the gavel Sergeant at Arms Mwada brought the meeting to order and then followed with the housekeeping rules before handing over to the Toastmaster for the evening Bal.

Bal introduced her theme for the evening and as there were 4 guests in the room she did a good job of explaining the make up of Toastmasters International and how the meeting would take place and what to do when.

Next up was Timekeeper Andy who explained the importance of keeping to time, what the duration section on the agenda was for and which card he would raise when people reached those times on the agenda.

The meeting was one of multitasking for Elizabeth who performed her first role of the night as Grammarian telling the meeting the type of language she was looking out for and she also introduced the word of the day – Guddle (meaning a mess) using examples of how you could fit the word in to a sentence.

Stephanie the Ah Counter described the filler words such as ‘So’, ‘Like’ and ‘Erm’ that people use instead of pausing when thinking what to say next. She also pointed out that people is different parts of the country use different filler words.

Then it was prepared speech time with Jon who was doing the Pathway speech where he had to deliver a speech he had previously done and try and improve on the feedback he received at the time. Jon chose a speech entitled ‘Stress Testing’ and gave us a fun and energetic talk on how following a process to reduce his stress levels left him feeling more stressed.

Unfortunately a couple of other speakers who were due to speak had to drop out prior to the meeting but the gap was expertly filled by Elizabeth with her second role of the evening.

Elizabeth facilitated a new section to the agenda where she invited people to come to the front and to share their Toastmasters journey.

Andrew was first telling everyone the day he learnt how to project his voice better. Lianna told people how she had first found Toastmasters in New Zealand first but did not pluck up courage to go to a meeting till she came back to Doncaster and it had made her find her confidence again. Guest Maureen also got up and gave a introduction to the forthcoming TedX Doncaster event she was helping to organise.

Elizabeth’s third role of the evening followed as Education Session Leader where with the help of Susie she gave a session on the new Pathways website and how to navigate it.

Mwada signalled the start of the second half with another confident bang of the gavel.

Elizabeth back in her Grammarian role reminded everyone of the word of the day.

General Evaluator for the evening Steven explained the importance of listening and giving feedback, a skill everyone needs to learn.

Maria was back up evaluating Jon’s speech from the first half pointing out to all what he had done well and what needed a little more refining.

Elizabeth then evaluated the Toastmaster Journey speeches giving a summary of what they said and pointing out good things they had said and a couple of ideas where they could have improved the speech.

Bringing thoughts of fun and panic in equal measures was the next activity Table Topic. This is the section where someone is given a question and they instantly have to try and talk about that subject for up to 2 minutes. Arthur was the Table Topics Master and he based is questions on the theme of Great. So there were questions such as what is your greatest wish, what is the greatest thing you have ever built and similar questions for the 9 contestants.

Susie the Table Topics Evaluator did very well in summarising the whole session and giving positive feedback to each of the 9 contestants and she did it all in the allotted time of 4 to 6 minutes.

Stephanie the Ah Counter gave people their scores of how many times they used filler words and again explained to try and use a pause instead.

Elizabeth for the final time was up with a Grammarian’s round up of good use of language and how many times the word of the day had been used.

The last evaluation was by Steven who as General Evaluator had the role of evaluating everyone who had not been evaluated during the evening so that was everyone apart from the Jon in the first half and the 9 Table Topic speakers in the second half.

Bal ended the evening by asking the guests for feedback and opening the floor to a question and answer session.

Lastly the ribbons were handed out:-

First Timer – Fiona
Best Speaker – Jon
Best Evaluator – Susie
Best Table Topics – a draw between Mwada and Maureen.

Next meeting is scheduled for Monday 12th August 2019


Doncaster Speakers Meeting Report | Monday 13th February 2014

Doncaster Speakers Meeting Monday 13th February 2014

“Rain and Rainbows”

As ever, Monday’s dose of Toastmasters provided an excellent mix of humour, professionalism and some thought-provoking formal and impromptu speeches! Gail Powell was an excellent Toastmaster of the evening and chose the theme of the meeting “Rain and Rainbows”.

Rainbow landscape

Our three members delivering prepared speeches were Alison Kitchman, Sean Gordon and Derek Lucian. Although 2 of the speeches had a seasonal link to Valentine’s Day, they differed vastly; Alison’s speech explored the roots of this romantic feast-day and offered suggestions to men wishing to impress their ladies whilst Sean’s speech relived the Valentine’s Day massacre allegedly triggered by Al Capone. Derek’s speech was from an Advanced Manual selected to hone his Business Speaking skills and we were treated to an abridged version of a speech designed to win grant aid from a funding authority.

Our Toastmaster was ably assisted by our Sergeant-at- Arms (our newest member and native French-speaker, Michel Ediele), Timekeeper (Derek Badger), Ah Counter (Jean Stewart) and Grammarian (Andrea Pashley) whilst Speech Evaluators were Sean Ryan, Shelagh Jones and Julie Gordon. Our General Evaluator, Lisa Johnson, re-iterated that the role of the Evaluators is to ensure evaluations contained a good mix of commendations and recommendations and inspire the speakers to go away with positive points for action and a better feel for where their strengths lie.  Andrea’s chosen “Word of the Day” was “INSPIRE”.  Our Education slot was provided by Mark Powell who tried to unravel some of the mysteries of D71 which he unveiled was not in fact a war-ship but the web-site used by Toastmasters for planning meetings and tracking member’s progress!

After the break our Table Topics Master, Derek Lucian, invited members to deliver an impromptu speech for 1-2 minutes on a variety of Rain and Rainbow themed topics. We were delighted to welcome a good number of guests to the meeting, although on this occasion none of them chose to have a go at Table Topics! We never throw guests in at the deep end but sometimes first timers choose to “take the plunge” and it is always a treat for our regular members to hear new styles and voices! Fred Roberts expertly fed back with a mini commendation and recommendation neatly packaged for each Table Topics speaker.

Best Speaker Ribbon

The meeting was wrapped up by Gail who presented awards for Best Speaker (Alison Kitchman), Best Evaluators (Fred Roberts and Andrea Pashley) and presented (with a becoming blush), the best Table Topics award… to her good self!

Do you want to find out for yourself what Doncaster Speakers are about?  Why not come along as a guest to one of our meetings?

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