Speeches for Management | Advanced Communicator Series

“Speeches for Management”

From the Toastmasters International Advanced Communicator Series

by Lisa Johnson, Immediate Past President, Doncaster Speakers
Lisa Johnson | Doncaster Speakers
Lisa Johnson

Now that several of our members have completed the 10 speeches in the Competent Communicator manual it is fascinating to start to hear the variety of speeches tackled in those members’ chosen Advanced Manuals, they can chose from over 20 manuals, everything from “The Entertaining Speaker”, and “The Special Occasion Speech” through to “Communicating on Video” and “Public Relations.”

On Monday 13th February one of our members, Derek Lucian, delivered Speech 1 from the “Speeches by Management” series. The speech project was “The Briefing” and Derek used an excellent timed PowerPoint presentation to trial a speech he plans to deliver at work. Despite being a long-standing member of Doncaster Speakers, I had never come across a speech from this manual so I delved into what is involved as it seemed a very relevant topic to many members and potential guests considering dipping their toe into joining a speaking club!

The projects covered in “Speeches for Management” are :

1. The Briefing

2. The Technical Speech

3. Manage and Motivate

4. The Status Report

5. Confrontation – The Adversary Relationship

I had no idea that by coming along to The Regent on a Monday evening for a fun evening, I could also learn to deal with confrontation and how to handle myself professionally in an argument! Several of the Advanced speeches are a bit different to the basic Toastmaster speeches in that they include handling Q&A sessions and as ever ensuring timings are adhered to in both the speech and the feedback sessions is a key objective. From my observations working large corporations at the start of my career I sincerely wish that many of our Managers had had the foresight to join Toastmasters as many hours were wasted with meetings over-running, interminable Q&A sessions or conversely Q&A sessions that lasted only seconds as we had “run out of time.” I can’t say I was entirely blame-free on that front either!

For anyone in business or thinking of going into business I would thoroughly recommend coming along to a taster session at Doncaster Speakers and chatting to our members about how becoming a member has helped them in their career.

Doncaster Speakers meet every 2nd and 4th Monday of the month at The Regent Hotel in Doncaster.  Our next meeting is Monday 24th March and this is a club competition evening, though guests are of course welcome to come along and watch.  Usual meetings will resume on 14th April 2014.

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Doncaster Speakers meet at 7pm on selected Mondays at the Regent Hotel, Doncaster. We welcome guests. Please check our website for details of forthcoming meetings.

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  1. Hello

    I would like to join your club. Could you tell me the process, dates and time please?

    Kind regards


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    1. Hello Naseer

      Just come along to a meeting as a guest and then you can join. We meet at The Regent Hotel in Doncaster every 2nd and 4th Monday of the month at 7pm. If you send us a message on the ‘contact us’ page to let us know which meeting you’re coming to, we’ll look out for you and make sure you get a warm welcome 🙂

    1. Hi Naseer. Yes, of course you can. It is a competition evening so it won’t be a typical meeting, but you’ll get to see some great speeches and evaluations.

      Please ensure you arrive in good time – in order not to disrupt the competition, nobody will be allowed in after 7pm.

      Look forward to seeing you there 🙂

      1. It was lovely to meet you last night, Naseer. We all hope you enjoyed the competition night and that we’ll see you again at one of our ‘normal’ meetings 🙂

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