Doncaster Speakers Meeting Report | Monday 13th July 2015

General Evaluator’s Report | Monday 13th July 2015 | By Karry Chadburn

As Doncaster Speakers embraced a new elected committee, the first meeting of the new year opened on time with our Sergeant of Arms, Bridget Pearson. Bridget explained a few housekeeping rules before handing over to Jean Stewart who took on the role of Toastmaster for the very first meeting in her new position as Club President.

Jean Stewart presents Andrew Miller with a gift
Jean Stewart presents outgoing Club President Andrew Miller with a gift on behalf of Doncaster Speakers

Although there was only one speaker this evening, Andy Howell gave a polished and entertaining speech titled “Are computers evil?” This left all his audience pondering that very question, including his speech evaluator Michael J Clarke, who delivered a comprehensive evaluation of Andy’s speech.

Timekeeper this evening was Lisa Johnson who kept us on schedule and gave a wonderful explanation on the relevance of timely meetings. One of the newest members Stephanie Bisby was engaged as Ahh Counter and won a well deserved best evaluator award for her eloquent evaluation of our persistent use of filler words.

A sesquipedalian speech given by the grammarian Shelagh Jones explained that “Sesquipedalian” was the word of the day. Shelagh delivered a short lesson on the pronunciation which paid off as a few very brave people managed to incorporate the word during their speeches.

Richard Bluck engaged us with his excellent evaluation of the table topic speakers and Table Topics Master. Table topics were presented by Alison Turner as one of her very first roles in Toastmasters. Alison delivered an entertaining topic of Song titles which brought back many memories of childhood for me and for others who were present.

Everyone present will remember with fondness David Allen’s speech rendition of Scarborough Fair which won him the title of best table topic speaker, and applause also went to one of our guests Paul Smallwood, who delivered his first speech at Doncaster speakers with a table topic called “Hanging on the telephone”.

Thanks go to Jean Stewart, the Toastmaster, who from the beginning of the meeting made everyone feel welcome including 4 new guests. Jean set the relaxed atmosphere for the evening which continued through the education slot where she welcomed the new committee and noted the importance of participation and the theme for the evening – “Partnership”. Before closing the meeting Jean welcomed new member Qasam Javaid and also presented retiring Club President Andrew Miller with a small gift (which he declined to share). Jean thanked him on behalf of the members for his dedication to Doncaster speakers during the last year.

Last but not least, a quick mention for Karry Chadburn, the General Evaluator, who was amazing throughout!

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