Doncaster Speakers Meeting Report | Monday 10th August 2015

General Evaluator’s Report | 10th August 2015 | By Bridget Pearson


The staff at the Regent Hotel in Doncaster dotingly hosted the second meeting of the Toastmasters year, with the accomplished new committee, and I personally deemed it a success!

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What does ‘Success’ mean to you?

David Allen was our Sergeant at Arms for the evening, confidently kicking off the meeting on time. He did a great job throughout the evening, ensuring everyone was back in their seats for the second half too.

Alison and Catherine were the two speakers this evening, both doing their ice breaker. I thought it would be appropriate to quote Andrew here, “The first speech smack-down is upon us!”

Lisa Johnson was in charge as Toastmaster; she chose “success” as the theme of the night. She shared a story of man of the match Stuart Broad, who helped bowl Australia out for 60 at the Ashes last Saturday. Lisa told us that she and Stuart had something that connected them- Stuart was a premature baby. She outlined that Stuart’s parents would have seen him getting out the hospital as a success, and then walking and then starting school. She made the point that success comes in many different forms and you can find it in everything.

Catherine was the first speaker of the evening, she delivered a speech titled “A Week to Remember”. It was an emotional tale of her eventful week which involved saying goodbye to one of her twin daughters as she jetted off to America for University. Mixed in with all this was the turmoil of unfortunately not getting the job she interviewed for. Karry summed it up well in her evaluation as “it was sadness to laughter in the space of a sentence”. It was a great first speech and I don’t think there was a dry eye in the room!

Our club president, Jean Stewart, announced the word of the day as “accomplish”. She used the word in her own mini speech as the grammarian and told us in the second half that the word had been used 4 times. Jean also pointed out Shelagh’s slightly odd use of language of “got born” in table topics. Jean always speaks with passion and enthusiasm and never fails to get a laugh or smile in the room!

There was a chill in the room next as Alison Turner began “Skating on Thin Ice”. Alison was doing a juggling act tonight and was also Ah Counter for the evening, (although there weren’t many ahs or ums to count!). She told us about her trials and trepidations of ice skating, using strong imagery and related props to strengthen her case. In Andrew’s thorough evaluation of her speech, he noted her good use of body language and awesome alliteration.

Timekeeper and greeter this evening was Shelagh Jones. She arrived to the Regent’s Hotel at 6.20pm, setting a good example for everyone. She gave a great introduction and used the coloured signs very well. I particularly liked the fact that she checked with Lisa, as Toastmaster, whether she could clearly see the cards from the back of the room.

Stephanie Bisby hosted our table topics for the evening with an excellent evaluation from Michael J Clarke who famously (in the Toastmaster world) declares that “Evaluation is the powerhouse of Toastmasters”. Stephanie tied the theme of success into her table topics subject, asking us all to give a story of somebody who we believe to have been successful in a certain field. I chose David Beckham in my table topics, simply because of his dedication to sport and ability to be an excellent role model due to his devotion to his family.

Thank you to Lisa Johnson for running our night. To sum up, it was another great meeting with a fantastic general evaluator overlooking the evening!

The next meeting will be on Monday 24th August.  Guests welcome, as usual!

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