Doncaster Speakers Meeting Report | Monday 28th September 2015

General Evaluator’s Report | 28th September 2015 | By Jean Stewart


The Sgt at Arms, Alison Turner, started the meeting on time and covered the housekeeping details. She then introduced the Toastmaster for the evening, Bridget Pearson.

The theme for the evening was ‘The Power of Imagery’, and Bridget explained why the theme had been chosen. She then introduced Sean Gordon, who was the Timekeeper and he explained the importance of keeping to the times allocated to all roles and also to the Speakers. Then Lisa Johnson, Grammarian, provided the meeting with the two words she had chosen, which were ‘Conjure’ and ‘Evoke’, which she had linked to the theme of the meeting. During the evening Lisa reminded the meeting of these two words and how they could be used.

Camera image sourced from Pixabay
Exploring the evocative power of images

Stephanie Bisby, the Ah Counter, then explained her role of keeping count of words such as ‘ah’ ‘um’ and also identifying use of good English grammar, and that she would provide feedback at the end of the meeting.

At this point the first speaker, Stephanie Bisby, was introduced by her Evaluator, Shelagh Jones. Stephanie delivered her Icebreaker speech “Have Kindle, will travel”. The second speaker, Shelagh Jones, was introduced by her Evaluator, Andrew Miller. Shelagh’s speech was from the list of Special Occasion Speeches and entitled “The Roast”.

The Table Topics session was organised by Sean Gordon, and he had also linked his approach as TT Master by providing each speaker with a picture to use as the basis of their 2 minute delivery. This worked extremely well and linked very well with the meeting theme.

The President, Jean Stewart, announced to the meeting that Doncaster Speakers had been awarded the ‘Select Distinguished Club’ for 2014 – 2015. The meeting thanked Andrew Miller, President for this period, for his work and the work of the members during that year.

The Awards were then handed out. Andrew Miller won both the ‘Best Evaluator Award’ and ‘Best Table Topics Speaker Award’. Stephanie Bisby won the ‘Best Speaker Award’. The meeting closed at 9.00pm.

Next meeting is on 12th October at the Regent Hotel at 7pm and, as always, guests are welcome.

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