Christmas Party 2016

Christmas Party 2016
We had a wonderful Christmas party last night, with a lovely meal provided by the Regent Hotel, Doncaster.
A big thanks for all the post-meal jollifications created by our President Derek Lucian . We had a version of Pictionary, a fascinating Table Topics based on childrens’ letters to Father Christmas, and finally charades.
Steve Bisby in Bah-Humbug hat
Derek had gifts for all who took part ranging from the Fly catcher/clapper being demonstrated here by Steven Bisby (who was also awarded Derek’s Bah-Humbug hat for his stirling work as Timekeeper!) to DVD’s, bars of chocolate and a fluffy meerkat…
It was a great evening and the memory will take us through to our first meeting of 2017 on Monday January 7th.

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