Doncaster Speakers Meeting Report | Monday November 28th

The meeting started on time and was attended by 16 people, 14 members and two visitors.    Julie Gordon was the Sergeant at Arms for the evening and provided the meeting with provided details of facilities and timing of mid-meeting break.
She introduced the Toastmaster for the evening, Andy Howell.    Andy gave a strong introduction to the meeting, introduced his theme of “All Change”  and welcomed the visitors by name.    He then took control of the entire meeting introducing the members taking on various roles.


First, Steve Bisby explained his role at Timekeeper and explained how timings could be found on the agenda.  Then Bridget Pearson explained the role of Grammarian and introduced the word of the day “Deviation” or “Deviating”.    She explained that she would like everyone involved in presenting, evaluating etc to see if they could include one of these words in their presentations.

The Ah Counter, Stephanie Bisby, explained how use of certain words, through habit rather than as part of an effective speech, can detract from the speech delivery.

There were four speeches during the evening and each was preceded by their evaluator introducing the speech and details re timing etc.

First, Shelagh Jones introduced Jean Stewart whose speech was from the Advanced Manual “Special Occasions”, entitled “Who is this person?”   Then Andrew Miller introduced the second speaker, Julie Gordon, whose speech was Number 6 from the Competent Communication Manual and was entitled “Never Judge a Book by its Cover”.

The third Evaluator was Shane Lukas who introduced Derek Lucian whose speech was entitled “The Cremation of Sam McGee” and was from the Advanced Manual “Interpretive Poetry”.    The last Evaluator, Alison Turner introduced Gerard Cahill who was presenting his Ice Breaker speech on “Moving to England”.

Every speech had a strong element of humour and this contributed to what was already and relaxed and fun evening.

Following the break the Sergeant at Arms invited everyone to re-join the meeting.   It was at this point that the Grammarian reminded everyone of the “Word of the Day”.

All four evaluators provided feedback to the meeting on each of the speakers.    They all provided congratulations of what went well and also provided some recommendations for improvements.

Derek Lucian introduced Table Topics, and despite having rounded up some volunteers during the break, he asked if anyone else wanted to volunteer.   Both the visitors volunteered and gave two minute presentations.    They were followed by members of the Club.

The General Evaluator, Jean Stewart, gave the meeting an overview of the meeting.    This was followed by the Toastmaster who invited questions from the meeting.

The President, Derek Lucian, provided details of future events and also presented the awards.    He then closed the meeting and thanked everyone for contributing to successful meeting.


Best Speaker – Julie Gordon

Best Evaluator – Bridget Pearson

Best Table Topics – Andrew Miller

(Meeting report by Jean Stuart)


The next meeting on December 12th is our Christmas Party – please contact the Club if you want to come. Tickets £13.50, booked by Dec 2nd.

The first meetings in January are Monday Jan 9th and Monday Monday Jan 23rd -guests are most welcome to come along (no charge).

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