Doncaster Speakers Meeting Report | Monday February 27 2017


Another excellent meeting at Doncaster Speakers. 15 in attendance( 2 visitors and Deborah joined on the night- welcome!)

Spontaneity was the theme, and even before the meeting began Shelagh Jones and Shane Lukas came up with solution to getting agendas printed last minute.

Shelagh took Sergeant at Arms role, calling us all to order. Derek Lucian as Toastmaster of the Evening, introduced the programme well and welcomed our 2 visitors too.

Lianna Cairns gave a narrative for the word of the Day- Endeavour- from her travels to Whitby where Captain Cook sailed from for the Americas.

Brilliant concept.

Josie Bowerman as Grammarian picked 3 linguistic bad habits to avoid, including the upward inflection at the end of a sentence which sounds like you are asking a question- we all related with that habit !

Shane introduced our first Speaker, and made Maria Orlovic feel at ease. Maria delivered an excellent Icebreaker Speech, well received by all.

Toastmaster Derek introduced Jean Stewart with Speech 2 of the evening, and Jean gave a wonderful “Presenting an award” to our very own Shelagh Jones(VP PR, Past President, Past Area Director and more!)

Jean showed all what a valuable member Shelagh has been and continues to be.

After the break, both Shane and Derek delivered evaluations which were helpful and complimentary at the same time.

Shelagh was Table Topic master with a superb box of random topics- a wonderful session. From who would you be stuck to for a day and why? to which came first- the chicken or the egg !

They were not easy topics, but all 6- including our 2 visitors both went for it!

Both Josie and Lianna reported back as Grammarian and Ah Counter- and both really used their listening skills well- a standard which I, for one, aspire to. Listening and concentration skills are valuable.

My General Evaluation gave me a chance to remind all that Doncaster is in the top 10% performing clubs globally…

and that we are Top Banana!

Looking forward to our next meeting- Spring comp night- it’s gonna be awesome!


(Meeting report by Pauline Westrop, who is also Area 21 director)

Awards: Ice Breaker – Maria Orlovic

Best Table Topics – Stephanie Bisby

Best Speaker and Best Evaluator (Table Topics) – Jean Stewart


Our next meeting on March 13th will feature our International and Evaluation competitions; the following meeting on March 27th is especially for Guests to come along and see what we do. 

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