Doncaster Speakers Meeting Report | Monday March 27 2017

On Monday 27th March, I had the pleasure of being General Evaluator for our special guest evening. And wow, what a lot of guests we welcomed to the Regent and what a fun packed evening we had. Well done to all who took part and especially to anyone who was instrumental in bringing along a guest.

The evening started well with Bridget Pearson setting up the room and making sure everything ran smoothly from the start as our Sgt at Arms. Our President Derek Lucian was Toastmaster for the evening and he gave a good introduction to all our guests and introduced them to some of our protocols, such as shaking hands to hand over the baton to another speaker.

We were treated to 4 excellent speeches on 4 very diverse topics:

  • Andy Howell with his passion to achieve the perfect score of 300 in Ten Pin Bowling – speech evaluator Pauline Westrop
  • Jean Stewart on Marketing Messages being Misleading – speech evaluated by Shelagh Jones
  • Pauline Westrop with her short video speech on the Benefits of Toastmasters – speech evaluated by Bridget Pearson
  • To an Ice Breaker Speech from Arthur Fenn on his passion for golf – speech evaluator Shane Lucas

All the speeches were timed by Maria Orlovic who did an excellent job as Timekeeper for the evening.

For me the highlight of the evening was the Table Topics and Shelagh with her ice breaker cards gave everyone an opportunity to stand up and impress, including 3 of our guests.

A special mention must go out to all the excellent evaluators:

Deborah Kershaw who stood in at the last minute as the Ah Counter

Stephanie Bisby as our grammarian

Lianna Cairns as our Table Topics evaluator.

And to all those who doubled up on roles, Shelagh (Speech evaluator and Table Topics Master) and Bridget (Sgt at Arms and speech evaluator) and Pauline (who delivered a speech and gave a speech evaluation).

And to those who took on their role for the first time – Maria and Deborah and Lianna.

And so, to the Awards

  • Lianna Cairns was best evaluator with her Table Topics Evaluation
  • Jean Stewart was both Best Speaker and Best Table Topic speaker
  • Arthur Fenn received his Icebreaker Award

Well done to all who took part and we do hope our guests enjoyed themselves and that we will see more of them.

Alison Turner (General Evaluator)


Our next meeting is on Monday April 10th at 6.45pm for 7pm. Guests are most welcome to come along – no charge!

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Doncaster Speakers meet at 7pm on selected Mondays at the Regent Hotel, Doncaster. We welcome guests. Please check our website for details of forthcoming meetings.

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