Doncaster Speakers Meeting Report | Monday June 5 2017

Such has been the success of Doncaster Speakers in the last few months an extra session had to be booked in to enable members to do a speech or evaluation role to help get them further through their manuals as the Toastmasters year end looms ever closer.

Low on quantity of people this meeting was high on quality.

Expertly, Sergant at Arms Arthur Fenn brought the meeting to a timely start and hush decended in the room with one fell swoop of the ceremonial hammer.

Toastmaster for the evening Alison Turner took over the meeting and keeping in mind the topic of the day – Technology – she ran a smooth meeting with no need to turn it off and back on again as everything went to plan.

We were entertained by two speakers, first up was Stephanie Bisby who was doing speech 9 of 10 from the Competent Communicator Manual – The Persuasive Speech – persuading us with some good personal examples that we all have a book within us.

Second up was Pauline Westrop who is on the Advanced Manuals and this week her task was to raise a toast. Pauline ticked the box in her manual whilst at the same time doing a job that needed doing as this was her last meeting as Area Director before handing over the chain of honour to Jean Stewart. Jean just happened to be sat next to her so Pauline raised a toast whilst handing over the chains. Multitasking at its best!

The interval then arrived with the chance to have a good old cuppa and a spot of networking.

With another timely bang of the hammer Arthur signalled the start of the second half.

Feedback is the thing that binds the Toastmasters galaxy together and without it life would be like Groundhog Day with nobody learning from their mistakes or successes so we were privileged to have 2 top Evaluators in Jean Stewart and Shelagh Jones giving not only feedback to Stephanie and Pauline but also they gave out hints and tips the whole audience could take away and think about.

Next up was Table Topics where speakers are given a question with no time to prepare and they then have to try and talk for 1 to 2 minutes on that subject. The evening’s Table Topics Master was Maria Orlovic who stuck to the meeting topic of Technology and came up with some great questions such as “Where do you see the Internet in 25 years time?” and “Could you live without technology?”.

The winner of the Table Topics was Josie Bowerman who gave a very compelling argument as to why robots are good for us.

Pauline carried on her multitasking by being Table Topics Evaluator giving all the speakers equal amounts of praise and tips to think about for next time.

A great meeting was had by all including the two guests in the room who commented on how clearly everyone spoke.

With that I’m off, I’ve got a book to write, JK Rowling watch out!


Best Speaker Award– Stephanie Bisby

Best Table Topics Award – Josephine Bowerman

Best Evaluator -Pauline Westrop


Meeting report by Steve Bisby, General Evaluator 


Next meeting is on Monday June 12th. Visitors are very welcome – just come along!

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