Doncaster Speakers Meeting Report Monday September 25 2017

The Sgt at Arms, Andrew Miller, gave a 2-minute warning prior to the start of the meeting.   At 7.00pm, Andrew announced the start of the meeting and also informed everyone regarding mobile phones, the location of toilets and the procedure should a fire alarm be sounded.  He then introduced the Toastmaster for the evening, Andy Howell.

Andy then welcomed everyone to the meeting.    He explained about the practice of handshakes, handclapping and why these are used.  He informed everyone on the extraordinary statistic that over 4 million people have joined Toastmasters since its inception in 1924.   He set the tone for the evening as being one of ‘fun’ with a meeting theme of ‘New Experiences’.   He then invited the Grammarian, Ah Counter and Timekeeper to come forward to explain their objectives in supporting the evening’s events.

Stephanie Bisby, the Grammarian, presented the meeting with the word of the day, which was ‘Diverge or Divergent’ and invited the group to use this as many times as possible.      She was followed by the Ah Counter, Arthur Fenn, and Timekeeper, Pauline Westrop.   They also explained how they would monitor the evening’s events and would provide feedback at the end of the evening. In Addition, the Timekeeper informed everyone of the availability of a Toastmaster timer app which embers can use via their mobile phones

There were four speakers booked to deliver their speeches during the evening.  Each one had a Speech Evaluator assigned to them and they had taken the time to speak to their own Presenter to find out what to look for during each speech.  It was interesting that the experience of the speakers varied greatly.  Also, it was noted that the speaking styles varied greatly which enhanced the evening.  All produced a great deal of laughter which supported Andy Howell’s prediction that the evening would be fun.

Following a short break when everyone could meet up and chat, the second half of the meeting contained the challenging Table Topics session.  Maria Orlovic, the Table Topics Master, gave some interesting topics and the speakers provided more great moments of humour.

At the conclusion of the meeting the Speech Evaluators gave their feedback on each speech for the benefit of the speakers and the group in general.   Also, the Grammarian, Ah Counter and General Evaluator summed up the meeting.

Andy Howell, the Toastmaster, invited comments from the group as a whole.  He handed out the Awards for the evening to:
Pauline Westrop was voted best Table Topics Presenter;
Stephanie Bisby was voted Best Evaluator and
Shane Lukas was voted Best Speaker.

The meeting closed at 9.15pm.

Report by Jean Stewart, General Evaluator

Our next meeting is Monday 9th October, 2017

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