Doncaster Speakers Meeting Report | Monday 8th December 2014

Fireworks | Celebration | Doncaster Speakers | Toastmasters International

General Evaluator’s Report | 8th December 2014 | By Julie Gordon


The theme for this evening’s meeting was Celebration with a focus on celebrating all things great about Toastmasters.

Fireworks | Celebration | Doncaster Speakers | Toastmasters International

Shelagh Jones opened the evening as Sgt at Arms, dealing with housekeeping arrangements before handing over to our Toastmaster for the evening, Jean Stewart.  As Toastmaster, Jean made sure the evening ran smoothly.  In her opening speech, Jean presented some facts and figures about Toastmasters before going on to talk about how our own club, Doncaster Speakers, operates.

We had just one speech this evening, by Karry Chadburn. This was Karry’s first speech at the club, her Icebreaker, entitled Breaking Through.  A really good first speech by Karry and I know the club will look forward to hearing more from Karry as she works through her Competent Communicator projects.

Alison Kitchman was the evaluator for Karry’s speech.  In great Toastmaster style, Alison’s evaluation was a balance of highlighting the positive and making recommendations to Karry to help her develop her speaking skills.

As well as being Sgt. at Arms, Shelagh Jones also led an Education Session with a focus on the Toastmaster’s Moments of Truth programme.  This evening Shelagh asked the group for feedback on Fellowship within the club; whether members felt they were greeted warmly when they first visited the club, participation in area, district and international events, as well as inter-club events.

Table Topics was run in an unusual way, with a duo approach from Bridget Pearson and Derek Badger.  The session was evaluated by Gail Powell who commended Bridget and Derek for having a go at a different approach to this session.

Alison Kitchman doubled up as Ah Counter for the evening.  Alison gave us some really good ideas about how to avoid using filler words and presented the group with very detailed and individual feedback that will certainly help speakers to work on avoiding those ‘ums’ and ‘ers’.

We were kept to time throughout the meeting by our timekeeper Sean Gordon, while Ben Latham, a new member of the group, did a fantastic job as Grammarian.  Ben displayed an impressive command of language and its use and provided some great examples of how to use his Word of the Day.

As always the meeting was full of energy and fun and I am looking forward to our next event on 22nd December which promises to be full of Christmas cheer.

2015 kicks off with the first meeting of the year on Monday 12th January.  Guests welcome, as usual!

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