Doncaster Speakers Meeting Report | Monday 12th January 2015

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“Oaths, Promises & Resolutions”

Report by General Evaluator Richard Bluck

After missing a few recent meetings it was my pleasure once again to attend a club meeting of Doncaster Speaker’s and act as General Evaluator. We were also fortunate to welcome 2 guests to the meeting, Zoe Rodgers and Lee Parish, both of whom had never been to a Toastmasters meeting before, yet who were both brave enough to join in – more of that later on.

The meeting was kicked-off by our Sgt at Arms for the evening, Karry Chadburn, who in-turn introduced our Toastmaster, Sean Gordon. Sean choose ‘Oaths, Promises and Resolutions’ as the theme for the evening, and then earnestly reminded us all of our commitments and duties as Toastmasters – a timely prompter given the time of year (especially to those who hadn’t attended for a while!).

Oath | Promise | Resolution | Pinky Swear | Doncaster Speakers | Public Speaking | Leadership | Doncaster

A special mention must go to Alison Kitchman, who stepped in as Ah-Counter at literally zero notice, when it was suddenly released by all that the scheduled Ah Counter hadn’t turned up! Not only that but Alison went on to give a polished explanation of the pitfalls of Err’s and Ah’s and went on to win best Evaluator award. Bravo! Top marks must also go to Andrew Miller, who stepped-in for Lisa Johnson to deliver a 15 minute education session on ‘Finding New Members for Your Club’. Despite it being Lisa’s material, Andrew gave us a fluent, engaging and thought provoking interpretation with his usual style of vocal variety and body language.

The evening’s single speech was delivered by Julie Gordon, ‘Afternoon Tea’, a charming reminisce of a visit to Grandma’s, through the eyes of a child. Julie’s speech objective was to use words effectively and this was fully accomplished with, in the words of her Evaluator Derek Lucian, ‘a feast of language’.

Bridget Pearson, as Grammarian, gave us a challenging word of the Day, ‘Augury’, a sign of things to come. Fortunately, this challenge was met by three of those present, so well done to you.  TableTopics was ‘mastered’ by Alison Kitchman who cleverly chose the theme of New Year’s resolutions and the hows and whys thereof. As is often the case, TableTopics can reveal a bit more of us all than we expect and this was true here! Credit must go to Zoe Rodgers who told us about how she would set about going on a diet, and to Lee Parish who described how he would rid himself of his tattoo’s. Not only that, but Lee’s effort won him best TableTopics speaker. Well Done!

Overall a fine meeting, and looking forward to the next one.

Interested in developing your public speaking and leadership skills? Come along as a guest.  Our next meeting is Monday 26th January 2015 at The Regent Hotel in Doncaster. 

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