Doncaster Speakers Meeting Report| Monday August 8 2016

A busy meeting bursting with energy –and one new guest, one returning guest who were warmly welcomed.

Sergeant at Arms Alison Turner got us going right on time and Jean Stewart, as Toastmaster of the day, opened the meeting with her theme of Indulgence.


Julie Pitcher, her first time in the role, carefully explained about the importance of timekeeping and kept track very impressively throughout.

“Opulence” was the choice of Grammarian Andrew Miller as Word of the Day to complement the theme, and it was used quite a few times during the evening.

Steve Bisby heroically stepped in as Ah counter to substitute for his wife Stephanie who was stricken with “a bug” and identified an epidemic of “So’s” rather than the more common ums and ers.

Sarah Saxelby, one of our newer members, after her success with Table Topics last week, gave her Ice Breaker speech. The purpose of this speech, the first in any Toastmaster’s career, is both to tell the club members a bit about yourself, and also to receive feedback about your starting skills and abilities. Using this as a benchmark you can measure your progress as you go forward.

Sarah told a touching story about her Gran who always tells her “Things happened for a Reason” which was much appreciated by the audience and made her a worthy winner of Best Speaker award.

Her evaluator Andy Howell gave her the feedback to see where she can start to make improvements and did it so well he was voted Best Evaluator.

We were very lucky to have Gareth Gumbs come to tell us about the new Pathways programme which is nearly ready to be rolled out across the whole Toastmasters organisation over the next couple of years. He certainly whetted our appetite for what is to come.

After the break, Julie Gordon had us talking about topics loosely related to the Olympics – with the award for Best Table Topics speaker going to Gareth Gumbs with a unforgettable demonstration of how he would choose Road Walking were he to be a competitor….. (sadly no images of this were taken).

Shelagh Jones evaluated the Table Topics speakers and was followed by Gareth as General Evaluator. It is always good to have feedback from visitors to the club and his comments were listened to very carefully.

President Derek Lucian ended the meeting by presenting the Awards and reminding us of the next meeting on August 22nd   when guests will be most welcome to join us.

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