Doncaster Speakers Meeting Report | Monday August 22 2016

Meeting report  by General Evaluator Jean Stewart:

Meeting room was prepared by Sgt at Arms and other Members of the Club in readiness for the meeting to start at 7.00pm.

Bridget Pearson, Sgt at Arms, provided a two-minute warning of start of meeting.  Then started meeting at 7.00pm.   Bridget used a laptop to register attendance at the meeting, which worked well.    In addition to the Members who attended there was also a visit from Ryan Jones who is a member of Bristol Toastmasters.    As he was working in South Yorkshire he decided to call in and introduce himself to Doncaster Speakers and was made very welcome.


Steve Bisby was the Toastmaster for this meeting, and it was his first time in this role, something he managed extremely well.  His theme for this meeting was ‘Equality’.    In his introduction he mentioned the gender split in Toastmasters which was a healthy 50-50 split, an interesting point which followed the theme of the evening.


Other roles filled were Timekeeper:   Stephanie Bisby; Ah Counter:  Andy Howell; Grammarian:   Shelagh Jones, whose word for the meeting was “Equilibrium”.     Steve introduced each of these Members who were able to explain how their role fitted in with the evening’s events.  And they also provided an update towards the end of the meeting.


There were three speeches:     First speaker was Jean Stewart who was delivering an Advanced speech on “Celebrating the marriage of Andrew Murray and Kim Sears”; Second speaker, Prue Richmond delivering her Icebreaker speech entitled: “Things I now know in my late 20’s”.    The final speaker, Qasam Javaid delivered his Icebreaker, entitled “Better late than never and never give up”.


All three evaluators gave detailed feedback to the meeting including some positive recommendations.


Shelagh Jones was the Table Topics Master and she provided each of the participants with a choice of two options, and these provided those taking part with interesting topics to cover, with a great degree of humour.


The meeting ended with Toastmaster, Steve Bisby, inviting questions from the attendees.    This resulted in questions around the next Speech Competition to be held at the end of September.    He explained that the President, Derek Lucian, would cover this.


The President, Derek Lucian, handed out the Awards for the evening.    These were Best Speaker going to Prue Richmond; Best Table Topics Speaker going to the guest, Ryan Jones and the Best Evaluator Award being split and going to both Andy Howell and Shelagh Jones.


Derek rounded off the meeting by explaining the process in organising the Humorous Speech and Table Topics Competitions to be held at the Club on 26th September.   A number of people registered their interest in taking part in these Competitions.   The meeting ended at 9.00pm.

The next meetings are September 12 and then September 26 when we will have the Humorous and Table Topics Speech contests. You are very welcome to come along as a Guest!


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