Doncaster Speakers Meeting Report Monday 23 October 2017

Another brilliant evening at Doncaster Speakers, it was filled with fun, energy, two amazing speeches and confidently delivered roles by all members .  The evening started with an introduction from Pauline Westrop as Sergeant at Arms and Jean Stewart as Toastmaster. Jean praised us all for being a high performing club, well done everyone for your continuous support and dedication to this.

Arthur Fenn was Timekeeper for the evening, he introduced his role and was waving the cards clearly at the back to keep us all in time for the evening.  Steven Bisby was Grammarian and introduced the word of the day ‘discombobulation’.   Steven was clear on what he was going to be looking out for and spoke to individuals when giving feedback.  Maria Orlovic was Ah Counter, she gave a personal story to introduce this role- what a great touch and a clear description of the role at the start of the evening and when evaluating at the end.

Our first speaker was Andrew Miller with a speech entitled ‘The Steel City Conference’, he persuaded a few more of us to sign up and attend the conference in Sheffield.  Derek Lucian evaluated his speech in a new creative way and asked the audience for our views and opinions on how well Andrew had met the speech objectives.

The second speaker was Pauline Westrop with a speech entitled ‘Would you save a life?’ which was filled with raw emotion and passion on her subject.  It gave us all something to take home and think about for the evening.  Bridget Pearson evaluated her speech with a warm personal approach and gave positive feedback to Pauline’s speech and also some constructive feedback.

Andy Howell delivered an excellent Educational session on ‘competent leaders easy speak’ it was a clear presentation to follow, we learnt a lot from it and also it encouraged us all to try out new roles.

The second half of the evening was filled with evaluations and Table Topics.  Stefan Glova took on the role of Table Topic Master and used this session to get hints and tips from us to help him in his new journey in the UK- fantastic idea! Stephanie Bisby gave a thoughtful evaluation to the Table Topics session and made sure she fed back to everyone that participated giving them one star and a wish.

The evening was wrapped up by myself (Lianna Cairns) giving the General Evaluator report and Jean finished off the evening.  Thank you for a great evening everyone and hope you all enjoy the ‘The Steel City Conference.’

The award winners were:

  • Best Speaker – Pauline Westrop
  • Best Table Topics – Stuart Hunt
  • Best Evaluator – Stephanie Bisby

Report by Lianna Cairns, General Evaluator

Our next meeting is Monday 13th November, 2017

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