Doncaster Speakers Meeting Report Monday 13 November 2017

Numbers were lower than usual this week, mainly due to holidays (who knew November was such a popular time for travel?) but what the group lacked in size it made up for in enthusiasm.  Sergeant at Arms for the evening, Lianna Cairns, opened the meeting at 7:00 (give or take an unavoidable delay of a minute or two), and got us off to a flying start by delivering the announcements in her usual clear and unflappable style, despite stepping into the role at very short notice.

Arthur Fenn introduced the main business of the evening in a friendly and approachable manner, and then kept the meeting flowing smoothly as he introduced the individuals performing various roles for the evening: Pauline Westrop as Grammarian, Steven Bisby as Ah Counter and Stefan Glova as timer.  All three performed their roles meticulously throughout the evening.

Our first speaker was Lianna Cairns, who received a well deserved ‘Best Speaker’ ribbon for her talk entitled ‘Anything for a Bargain’, a sentiment with which I’m sure many of our members would agree (we are from Yorkshire, after all), even if we may not have gone quite as far for a bargain as she did.   Her evaluator, Pauline Westrop, received ‘Best Evaluator’ award for her thoughtful and powerfully delivered feedback on Lianna’s speech.

The second speaker was Stephanie Bisby, presenting a modern twist on a traditional folk tale as part of the advanced Storytelling manual.  Stuart Hunt bravely stepped in at the last minute to deliver his first ever evaluation, which he did clearly and enthusiastically.

The second half of the evening featured Table Topics (short impromptu speeches) set by Bridget Pearson around themes relating to the recent Steel City conference and the speeches delivered there.  Topics varied from the conventional, such as buying a new dress for the conference, to the intriguing, such as ‘Who would you be if someone stole your identity?’  The winning Table Topic was delivered by our Toastmaster for the evening, Arthur Fenn, with a humorous take on the assigned subject: his reaction to finding himself fifteen months pregnant.

Following the General Evaluator’s report, Arthur wrapped up the evening with a quick Q&A session and then presented the awards for Best Speaker and Best Evaluator, while Past President Jean Stewart kindly stepped in to present Arthur with his award for Best Table Topic.

The award winners were:

  •     Best Speaker – Lianna Cairns
  •     Best Table Topics – Arthur Fenn
  •     Best Evaluator – Pauline Westrop

Report by Stephanie Bisby, General Evaluator

Our next meeting is Monday 27th November, 2017

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