Doncaster Speakers Club Night Review – 10 May 2021

Bridget the Sergeant at Arms brought the meeting to order and went through the housekeeping information before taking on the next role, that of Toastmaster. Bridget explained what Toastmaster is all about and then introduced the people who were carrying out roles during the evening

Andy was Timekeeper with his green, yellow and red cards, Stephanie was Grammarian with his word of the day ‘Surmount’, Ah Counter was Thashini.

Next up was the first speaker, Arthur who was repeating his speech entitled ‘Let Battle Commence’ taking account of the feedback he had received at the last meeting. Arthur was evaluated by Val. Maria was next with her speech ‘Time Out’ which was evaluated by Arthur.

The winner of the best speaker award for the evening was……… Maria.

Elizabeth ran an education slot looking at Pathways system which help you plan your speeches.

Table Topics were next, this is the impromptu speaking bit where people are asked a question and have to answer straight away for up to 2 minutes. This session’s Table Topics Master was Elizabeth and her questions around the theme of the evening – ‘Overcoming Hurdles’.

Stephanie was the person who gained the best Table Topics ribbon.

The evening was rounded up with the evaluations with Arthur coming out on top.

Our next meeting is via Zoom on Monday 24th May 2021 at 7:00pm.

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