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Area 21 Spring Speech contests

Hull Speakers hosted the first ever Area 21 Spring Speech contests and Doncaster Speakers took a full part with a strong supporting team for the entrants – Bridget Pearson and Michael J Clarke in the International Speech contest and Michael J Clarke and Andrew Miller in the Evaluation contest.

Michael J Clarke won the International Speech contest and Andrew Miller won the Evaluation contest – both will now go forward to the Division E contests in Birmingham on April 23.
A further congratulation to Area Director Pauline Westrop (also a member of Doncaster Speakers) for arranging an excellent contest.

Thanks to Steve Bisby for the photos!

Area 21 Int Speech Contestants

Area 21 International Speech contest winner Michael J Clarke

Area 21 Evaluation Speech Contestants

Area 21 Evaluation Speech contest winner Andrew Miller


Club Speech contests March 13 2017

Club contest winners (l to r) – Michael J Clarke, Bridget Pearson and Andrew Miller

The audience were treated to two thrilling competitions on Monday March 13th!

The contestants for the International Speech Contest were:

Stephanie Bisby – “The One Thing”

Michael J Clarke  –  “Maxwell”  

Andrew Miller  – “Mathematics can change your life”

Bridget Pearson  –  “Never EVER lose hope” 

The Winner was Bridget Pearson and second place went to Michael J Clarke. 


Evaluation Contest

The test speech entitled “My Father the Hero” was delivered by Jean Stewart.

The contestants were 

Michael J Clarke

Andrew Miller

Alison Turner 

The Winner was Michael J Clarke and second place went to Andrew Miller


Officials (for both contests)

Contest Chair – Jean Stewart

Chief Judge – Pauline Westrop

Timekeepers/Counters   – Sarah Saxelby and Josie Bowerman with Maria Orlovic.

Sergeant at Arms – Steve Bisby

Thanks to you all for your help! 

The two winners from each contest go on to the Area 21 Competition which will be held on Sunday April 2nd, 1.30-4pm at the Holiday Inn Express in Hull.

If you would like to come along then register at


Our next meeting on Monday March 27th will be a special Guest evening so if you have been thinking about coming to see what we do, this is your chance ! 6.45pm for 7pm start at the Regent Hotel, Doncaster.  No charge for visitors!

Success at Area 21 Speech Contests!

Congratulations to our members who competed at the Area 21 Speech Contests in Sheffield on October 9th and those who came to support them!

Team Doncaster supporters

Jean Stewart and Andrew Miller represented the club in the Humorous Speech Contest and Andrew Miller and Natalia Skorcewska in the Table Topics Contest.

Andrew Miller took first place in the Humorous Speech Contest and Jean came third – congratulations to both of you!

Andrew Miller

Jean Stewart 3rd prize

Andrew now goes on to represent the Area in the Division Speech Contest in Derby on October 23rd.

Good luck from us all!!

Humorous and Table Topics Speech Contests Sept 26 2016

We had two excellent Speech Contests at our meeting on Monday September 26th.

Bridget Pearson was Contest Chair for both and did a magnificent job both beforehand (there is such a lot of printing and organising of people!) and in leading the contests in a calm, assured manner. Well done!

Shelagh Jones was Chief Judge for the Humorous contest, shadowed by Shane Lukas who was Chief Judge for the Table Topics contest.

Derek Lucian and Julie Pilcher were Timers and Counters, with Pauline Westrop as Sergeant at Arms, assisted by Julie Gordon.

A great team who delivered enjoyable and well-run contests.

Humorous Speech Contest

Entrants (left to right) : Andrew Miller (first place); Jean Stewart (second place); Andy Howell

Humorous Speech Contest 2016 Entrants

Table Topics Speech Contest

Entrants (left to right): Jean Stewart; Andrew Miller (first place); Sean Gordon; Natalia Skorczewska (second place); Andy Howell (third place).

Table Topics contest 2016 contestants


Andrew, Jean and Natalia will go on to represent the club in the Area 21 contest at Jury’s Inn Sheffield on Sunday October 9th, 1pm-4pm. Everyone is invited to come along and support them!

Our next meeting is Monday October 10th – guests are very welcome to join us at the Regent Hotel, Doncaster at 6.45pm for start at 7pm.

Travelling Toasties

Travelling Toastie Program


Build your network and get recognised with the Travelling Toastie Program!

This program was adapted from other District programs.  It encourages and recognises those Toastmasters within our district who take the time to continue to grow by experiencing the world outside of our individual clubs.

Can you win the Travelling Toastie reward for your Division?

What’s in it for ME?

New ideas to bring to your own club to help it continue to grow and serve the membership.

Additional chances to work towards your goals and experience speaking in front of different audiences.

Lasting friendships and meaningful connections to help you continue to grow.

Recognition at District Spring Conference, for your adventurous spirit!

You can submit this online form or download & print the  Travelling Toastie form  and get started today!

 How to participate in the Travelling Toastie Program

Find a club to visit, any club!  You aren’t limited to your area, division or even your district.  The only stipulation is that in order for the visit to count towards the TTP it cannot be a club you are a current member of and it cannot be a club under your jurisdiction as an Area or Division Director.  Area and Division Directors can still participate by visiting clubs outside of their jurisdiction.  (only one visit to a club will be counted towards your TTP progress per Toastmasters year.)

Contact the club if you would like to sign up for a role, otherwise you can just show up!

Print the Travelling Toasties’ Visits Form, fill out the top section and bring it along for your visit.

At the meeting observe, participate, and have a good time!  Make sure to get the clubs VPE or other officer sign the form for you.

Submit your completed form to  …

Points awarded for taking on various tasks and roles and bonus points if you participate at a club with a membership less than 15.  Check out our  online form  or our printable Travelling Toastie form, as a District 71 Travelling Toastie!

Deadline  April 15th 2017 is the final date all forms will be accepted.

All District 71 Travelling Toasties will be recognised at the Spring Conference in May 2017 and awarded a pin/certificate for their accomplishments. The Travelling Toasties who accumulate the most points, from each Division, will receive an extra award.  If you are not able to attend the Spring Conference, your award will be given to your representative Division or Area Director who will deliver it to you at their earliest convenience.

Results of Doncaster Speakers 2015 Table Topics and Humorous Speeches Contest

Report on Doncaster Speakers Contest | Monday 14th September 2015

Doncaster Speakers held this year’s Humorous Speech and Table Topics Contests on Monday 14th September at the Regent Hotel.

contest group photo 14092015

Contest Chair Jean Stewart with winner Andrew Miller, organisers and participants

Andrew Miller won the Humorous Speech Contest with a highly entertaining speech entitled ‘Humour most Fowl’.  Table Topics Speakers were asked to talk about ‘What makes a good party?’, with suggestions including the right mix of guests, cocktails, and even a ukulele! Once again it was Andrew Miller’s speech which carried the day, meaning that Andrew will represent Doncaster in both categories at the Area Contest in Leeds on Saturday 3rd October.

Andrew Miller contest photo 14092015

Andrew Miller receiving his Winner’s Certificate from Contest Chair Jean Stewart

Stephanie Bisby contest photo 14092015

Stephanie Bisby receiving the certificate for Second Place in the Table Topics contest from Contest Chair Jean Stewart

Bridget Pearson contest photo 14092015

Bridget Pearson receiving a Certificate of Participation from Contest Chair Jean Stewart

The Club wishes Andrew every success at the area contest, which takes place at Jury’s Inn, Brewery Wharf, Leeds from 10.30am on 3rd October.

Guests are welcome at Doncaster Speakers’ next meeting, which takes place at The Regent Hotel on 28th September from 7pm.

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