Club Speech contests March 13 2017

The audience were treated to two thrilling competitions on Monday March 13th! The contestants for the International Speech Contest were: Stephanie Bisby – “The One Thing” Michael J Clarke  –  “Maxwell”   Andrew Miller  – “Mathematics can change your life” Bridget Pearson  –  “Never EVER lose hope”  The Winner was Bridget Pearson and second placeContinue reading “Club Speech contests March 13 2017”

Doncaster Speakers Meeting Report | Monday February 27 2017

Another excellent meeting at Doncaster Speakers. 15 in attendance( 2 visitors and Deborah joined on the night- welcome!) Spontaneity was the theme, and even before the meeting began Shelagh Jones and Shane Lukas came up with solution to getting agendas printed last minute. Shelagh took Sergeant at Arms role, calling us all to order. DerekContinue reading “Doncaster Speakers Meeting Report | Monday February 27 2017”